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PatientOS - an Open Source (GPL) Healthcare Information System

PatientOS (pronounced Patient-oh-es where O and S stand for Open Source) has been designed from the outset to be a Healthcare Information System (HIS). The software architecture, design patterns and framework has been built for the complexities and challenges of an enterprise wide information system.

Internationalization, and localization is expected, even translation into multi-byte languages such as Japanese.

Why Choose PatientOS?

Healthcare is a noble field and clinicians deserve software which is of the same quality as other industries. PatientOS was designed to address the prevalent industry issue with todays software:

* User friendly? PatientOS has been designed to optimize the experience of clinicians by making functions fast, easy and simple to customize to the workflow of the users. The right default values, consistent layout, the fewest clicks, use the keyboard, and scripting behind the scenes to save work and automate actions.
* Fits your workflow? Rather than decide how clinicians must use the system the screens, process and workflow can be tailored to a user, role, clinic or hospital. The system will support and NOT CHANGE your best practices.
* Enjoy Upgrades? Users and system administrators often fear upgrades. The PatientOS upgrade process is fast and simple. Due to key specifics of the architecture the database schema, code and content are synchronized in a natural way that minimizes programming errors surfacing after upgrades.
* Functionality Coming Soon? As information systems mature they become larger and more complex and require more and more resources to get new functionality in without breaking existing functionality. PatientOS has been carefuly designed to grow to the largest size while remaining functional and enjoyable to maintain.
* Open Source? With Open Source there code quality is transparent, open for all to see. This adds a lot of value for support companies and healthcare analysts to troubleshoot and gain true knowlege of the system functionality.
* Support? With PatientOS more and more companies will support the software allowing you the freedom to choose who you wish to do business with.
* Cost? PatientOS is free.
* Free? PatientOS is Free to download. Free to own. Free to distribute. Free to sell or re-sell. In fact we will help any company with their sales. Of course there is no free lunch as you still have hardware costs and the time for you (or someone you pay) to install and support the software. However PatientOS is designed to require the minimum amount of maintenance to ensure support costs are as low as possible. Note that PatientOS integrates (optionally) with some of finest commercial drug and code database which do have licensing costs.

Download : http://www.patientos.org

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